Bridal Dresses

Our beautiful designer dresses are sometimes discontinued or we part company with the designers so we need to say goodbye to the dress off our rails. These dresses are hugely discounted, they are in great condition and cleaned before going on the sale rack. If you want to bag a beautiful dress for less, visit our sample rail!

Sophia Tolli

Style #Leigh

£1,599.00 £499.00

Rosa Clara

Style #Ocre

£1,999.00 £799.00

Rosa Clara

Style #Odin

£2,150.00 £699.00

White One

Style #Ottoman

£1,299.00 £599.00

La Sposa

Style #Palacio

£1,750.00 £650.00

White One

Style #RAI

£1,100.00 £599.00

Mia Mia

Style #Rhonda

£1,599.00 £599.00

Mia Mia

Style #Verona

£1,599.00 £399.00

White One


£1,399.00 £950.00