Things To Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

Things To Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

At Burr Bridal, we strive to offer a premier experience to all of our brides, helping you find the wedding dress of your dreams at our high end Cambridge bridal shop. We do a lot on our end to prepare before you come to the shop, but there’s a few things to know before you come in  so that you’re prepared and your appointment goes smoothly. 

Choose the Best Appointment for You


We have three different bridal appointments, each offering three different experiences. Our weekday appointments are perfect for women seeking a quieter shopping experience, as we are typically less busy on weekdays. You’ll get a 90 minute appointment with one of our bridal consultants. If a weekday doesn’t work for you, we also have Saturday appointments available. You’ll have a 90 minute appointment with a bridal consultant, along with a £25 voucher towards your wedding dress. Our Sunday appointments are longest, giving you a 3 hour appointment with the store exclusively to yourself. 

Come Inspired


It always helps your bridal consultant to see the dresses you’re drawn to, so she can help you narrow down your search in the store. Look at bridal magazines and on Pinterest to get inspiration—take note of what you like and are drawn to, and your consultant will have a better idea of your style! That being said, be sure to keep an open mind. You may walk into the shop expecting to fall in love with a bold ball gown, only to walk out with a sultry mermaid gown. Be open to trying on a dress out of your comfort zone—you may be surprised!

Bring Guests


It’s always a good idea to bring a few guests to your appointment! You’ll have a trusted second opinion to help you make tough choices, and you’ll have someone to celebrate with once you’ve finally found the dress you’ll walk down the aisle in. We currently only allow 3 guests on weekdays and Saturday appointments. However, be sure to only bring guests whose opinions you trust, because too many opinions can drown out your own, and it’s your wedding dress! 

If you’re looking for your perfect wedding dress, book an appointment at Burr Bridal and fall in love with your dream dress. You’ll receive exceptional service and find a range of gorgeous designer wedding dresses.